About Us

The brand GoLuxury.Travel is the fruit of Capricorn Travel Services that focuses on intelligent luxury – where local experience is the main emphasis of customers’ traveling experience. As opposed to generic tour packages, a true intelligent luxury is a life-changing experience where you immerse yourself in a different culture with touches of style and luxury. We believe luxury is not all about five-star accommodation or first class ticket but the experiences of the travel hence our tagline Go Luxury. It’s an Experience! We introduce diverse cultures to customers and showcase the essence of destinations – unique, original and what local cherish most about where they live. To travel and dip your feet in another culture is a luxury in itself. The distinctive characteristics for the company’s competitiveness rely on its excellence in quality, brand exclusivity, rarity and craftsmanship of products and services. Our roles as a travel advisors help you to make the best decisions whilst considering your preferences.

Our travel experts specialize in providing you with a set of unique, authentic ‘excess’ service, so that you won’t ever need to worry about the organization or lack of amenities. Experience-led luxury travelling is what we master. We recognize your desires to support the local artisans, to go and meet with a local entrepreneur and see what day-to-day life is like. And while you still want to stay in the luxury accommodations, you are also willing to get your hands dirty a little bit during the day, at GoLuxury.Travel, we make all this possible for you to experience an exclusive customized holiday like no one else.

As of now, you never have to worry about your travel arrangements; we take care of every single detail. From the convenience of flight tickets reservations, visa application, travel insurance, customized packages covering accommodation, tours and transfers, we promise our team of travel curators will design and create the trip of your lifetime by listening to you and tailoring to your exact tastes.